Mean vs. Median Income: Which One to Use and What it Means for South Central Kentucky

When it comes to economic indicators as litmus tests on the state of the economy, the measurement of mean or median income is often discussed. What has happened to the “typical” person’s income over time? What does the “typical” income tell us about the state of income distribution? Are... Read More

Declining Food Stamp Enrollments in Kentucky

According to recent data released by the Department of Agriculture there is a national decline in the use of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Benefits. This trend is being seen in Kentucky as well. According to the data, the number of households participating in food stamps funded... Read More

Where Is the Employment Slack in Warren County and Kentucky Labor Markets?

A study* released by the St. Louis Federal Reserve on May 19 indicated that the slack in the labor market since the "Great Recession" can mostly be found in three industries. Those industries include construction, manufacturing and information. In Kentucky, employment in two of the three... Read More